Presented at the CTC Holiday luncheon on December 23rd, 2015

This award is given in honor of Mr. Robert Sheckler who served on the CTC Board of Directors for more than 42 years. The Robert Sheckler Award for Excellence will be presented each year to the employee with a disability who most exemplifies “Excellence” in his or her job performance. The candidate must demonstrate a positive work attitude, a willingness to learn, mastery a variety of different jobs, and meet or exceed their job performance and attendance goals.

And the winner is...

Sheckler Award 2015

Lydia Ockenhouse

Lydia has been employed at CTC for more than 21 years. 2015 was a break out year for Ms. Ockenhouse. She trained to become an ANSI compliant safety T-shirt inspector, learned to sew sleeves and hems for Tee Shirts, cut Velcro for church apparel, operate a 12 head embroidery machine with minimal supervision, and do quality checks, and pack materials according to customer specifications.

Ms. Ockenhouse is employed at the CTC Business Center in Beaver Meadows.

Lydia’s ability to learn new jobs and take on new responsibilities has greatly increased both her self-confidence and value as an employee.